Prim & Proper To Debut on MoodBox TV July 1


A reality series ‘Prim and Proper’ which focuses on the reality of living in the United States will be released on July 1, 2022.

Created, Produced and Directed in the United States by award-winning filmmaker, Oluyinka Davids, the Reality Series has two main characters: Yemi Balz and Nkem Mbamalu.

Yemi is the extroverted Prim and Proper chic, has a good grasp of the Nigerian culture, English speaking, yet very fluent in Yoruba and Pidgin slangs, works with the United States Army, but has dreams to become a TV show host.

Nkem is the introverted Prim and Proper and best friend to Yemi. She’s an IT professional, extremely supportive of Yemi’s dreams and aspirations in life, kind hearted, considerate to a fault such that she is being taken advantage of for wanting to help others too much.

Yemi of course is the voice of reason/Shine ya eye.

Segun Ajayi is Yemi’s friend and Edo Charles is Nkem’s friend.







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