Pioneer African Fashion Promoter, Mojo-Eyes, To Be Honoured At Chicago Fashion Week

African fashion Ambassador, Lexy Mojo-Eyes is set to be bestowed with yet another special recognition award at the upcoming International Arts Awards Gala and Fashion Week scheduled to hold June 30 to July 3, 2022 in Chicago, the United States.
 The International Arts Awards Gala and Fashion Week is the flagship event of Al Nisa Designs, run by African-American modest fashion designer, Carmin Muhammad, who is also the brain behind ‘Women Working Together Inc.
A native of Los Angeles, Muhammad shot into global fame after her article “Pink Hijab Ladies stole the show at Torino fashion week” went viral. She has not looked back ever since.
The second edition of the first-ever U.S. Modest Fashion Week, with this year’s theme: “Fashion is an Ambassador to World Peace”, the event is expected to host, among others, 25 international designers and 80 models to match and pay tribute to trailblazers who have paved the way for emerging designers of different backgrounds.
 Mojo-Eyes is being honoured in recognition of his immense contributions to the African fashion industry for three decades, which have in no small measure beamed the spotlight on the continent’s fashion, bringing it global reckoning and patronage.
The pioneer African fashion promoter and entrepreneur has been in the vanguard of promoting African fashion for close to three decades, dedicatedly transforming his vision to make Africa the future of fashion globally, and it would seem that future is now, given the attention it has received.
 After three decades of pushing the frontiers of African fashion towards inclusivity and global reckoning, the manifestations of African fashion in more recent times are persisting as nuggets of attraction, inspiring and pulling hosts of people into communion with their beauty and novelty.
With the passage of time, the relentless effort at promoting African fashion by Mojo-Eyes continues to draw pilgrims, journeying across different trade routes, to its fairs, from the Sahel to the savannah and rain forests.
He has recorded groundbreaking achievements in the African fashion industry, making him an authority and a revered name in the industry.
Legendary Gold Limited, which has been at the forefront in promoting African designers and creatives in the African fashion industry, with quite an impressive number of influential designers having been influenced by the brain behind Africa’s foremost fashion promoting firm sustainably inspiring creativity and economic opportunities with its annual events: The Nigeria Fashion Show, the Nigeria Fashion Week, the Nigeria Fashion Awards, the Nigeria Model Awards and Africa Fashion Reception. Mojo-Eyes has not only staged and been part of huge transcontinental fashion exhibitions to create awareness – from fashion weeks in Lagos to Milan, New York, Paris, Dubai, UK, among others, but also developed the digital savvy.
With a growing number of platforms emerging for designers to promote their brands to a mass market, offering new sales avenues for fashion and other consumer goods, he recently launched Agogo Africa, an e-commerce marketplace for African fashion designers and creatives where their products are marketed all over the world at no cost to them, with special discounts on all shipments worldwide courtesy DHL.
 Best known for advancing the essence of African fashion industry by inspiring African designers to look inwards to the rich peculiarities embedded in African culture in projecting African fashion towards global recognition, inclusion, and economic viability, Mojo-Eyes can well be described as the unsung hero behind the revolution that has characterized the African fashion for three decades.


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