2023 Presidency: Muslim-Muslim Ticket Not Acceptable, There Should Be A Balance – Anglican Bishop


The Bishop of the Anglican Church of Nigeria has berated the idea of the two major political parties in the country – the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential flag-bearers searching for Muslims as their running-mates.

Prof. Dapo Asaju, the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Ilesa, Osun State, made the remark in Lagos on Wednesday, while speaking at the 90th Anniversary Symposium of the All Saints Anglican Church, Yaba.

Prof. Asaju, who is former Vice Chancellor of the Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Oyo State, who was also keynote speaker at the event, themed: “Church of The Future, Saints of the Next Decade,” called on presidential flag-bearers of the political parties to ensure that there is a balance by choosing Muslim-Christian ticket.

“What we are saying is that there must be a balance. There has always been a balance. The only exception was during the Moshood Abiala period because of the unusual circumstance at that time,” Prof. Asaju noted.

“Can Muslims tolerate the Christian-Christian ticket? They won’t”, he added.

The cleric called on Christians and all right-thinking individuals in the country not to accept the Muslim-Muslim ticket, as according to him, “It is an insult to the large population of Christians in the country.

“Christians are being taken for granted. There is an agenda to dominate and they call it Islamisation. The leadership of the country is made up of Muslims.

According to him, “We have a situation where it is Muslim-Muslim ticket. To them, it is a conquest, but to us, it is a matter of our right.”

Also at the event, Vicar of the Church, Ven. Dr. Femi Fatile, while commenting on the Owo Church attack, noted that “Christianity has been like a battle. The devil knows the comfort and peace that Christianity will bring to the world and he is fighting that. Because of that, he will continue to terrify Christians so that they will lose focus.”

Noting that the theme of the celebration is quite apt, Fatile admonished Christians to imbibe the teachings and lectures, which he said, are a challenge to Christians.

“No matter what people say about the church, the body of Christ remains one while saints remain saints. What determines the things that make the church and the saints are those things in the Bible.”

He advised Christians to “while being conscious of the present and the challenges around us, we have to ensure that we sit on Biblical teachings and principles. Take the teachings of the Bible to our daily lives and environment, and by that, we are taking the church beyond this location.”

Lamenting that the Christian participation in the country’s political space is not active enough, Prof. Asaju appealed to Christians to be involved and participate actively in the electoral process.

The cleric, who stated that in Nigeria Christians are already marginalized, added: “We have been marginalized. Look at the configuration of power in the present government, the representation of Christians is very negligible.

“We are in a situation where there is religious contest and religious domination. Even when the Christians want to come to power, there are certain forces that stop them.”

On the Owo Church attack, he urged Christians to “struggle to endure whatever we see during this government, let them finish their tenure and leave and let us pray for a better dispensation.

“This is a terrorist attack; they have also attacked other people. It is a very terrible thing. Christians will not stop going to church because of that. The church should not be intimidated because of that. We have a future.”

On Deborah Samuel, the student, who was burnt to death by her colleagues over alleged blasphemy in Sokoto school, he said: “They manipulated what she said and took the laws into their hands by killing her. The Fulani herdsmen that kill, main and rape women, what have they done to those people?

“We are in a situation of religious instability in the country, whereby governance is used as an instrument of domination and exclusion of Christians.”

He called for the prosecution of those involved in her death.

Advised Christian students in the North who feel that the area is not comfortable for them to relocate to the South and school.

“When they are there and find themselves in a Christian environment where they are safer, they should endure until they finish,” he advised Christian students.





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